Tolerance 360

Slettestrand (Denmark)

The European House

Erasmus+ KA105 - Mobility of Youth Workers

26/11/2019 - 03/12/2019

Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Italy, North Macedonia, Romania, Turkey

“Tolerance 360” is a 8-day training course for youth workers, hosted by European House, Denmark.

The training course aims to equip youth workers with a reflective understanding of tolerance and skills to disseminate the acquired reflections through local activities with young people. The training will gather a total of 30 participants coming from Turkey, Hungary, Finland, Italy, North Macedonia, Romania and Denmark.

The objectives of this project are:

  • to influence youth workers to encourage young people to appreciate the meaning of culture and tolerance;
  • to make youth workers reflect on the importance of cultural tolerance and its relevance among young people;
  • to demonstrate to youth workers the results of intolerance of each other’s culture;
  • to give youth workers the competence to react to and manage cultural intolerance;
  • to train youth workers on how cultural tolerance could be fostered through non-formal education;
  • to give youth workers the competence to help in the integration of immigrants.

These objectives will be addressed through a training course, to build upon the skills, attitudes and values of the participants.