Unlock headspace – Education for youth wellbeing, self-care and empowerment

Kobuleti (Georgia) | Fonyód (Hungary)

ICRP Budapest

Erasmus+ KA105 - Mobility of Youth Workers

28/09/2021 - 04/10/2021 | March 2022

Armenia, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Moldova, Spain, Ukraine

The project intends to create innovation and improve the capacities of youth organizations and youth workers to foster youth participation.

The project consists of two educational activities:

  • Activity 1 in Georgia: Training course 1 – Understanding mindfulness and embodiment as tools in youth work;
  • Activity 2 in Hungary: Training course 2 – Practicing mindfulness education for youth.

While working on youth empowerment and value-based youth-led activism in local communities, it got obvious for all project partners that it is essential for young people to learn skills for creating community, a sense of belonging, while at the same time they need to have tools at hand ensuring that they feel self-confident, well and happy with their identity and role in society.
There are a plenty of courses on e.g. community development or social transformation focussing on transmitting competences on how to build peaceful communities or how to trigger sustainable societal change. Unfortunately, there are much less educational opportunities that aim to provide young people with instruments or tools for taking care about their well-being, their inner state of peace and their well-being as individuals shaping the community in which they live.

Consequently, the project aims to strengthen the capacities of (youth) organisations in supporting young people`s health and personal well-being and contribute to young people`s empowerment as active citizens.