DING - Group Dynamics: A Future For Young People

Madrid (Spain)

MAD for Europe

Erasmus+ KA105 - Mobility of Youth Workers

09/05/2022 - 12/05/2022

Bulgaria, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain

The Erasmus+ project DING will involve a total of 26 youth workers from eight different countries who will meet in Madrid for a 4-days training programme.

Group dynamics and group work are becoming increasingly important in the world of work. The idea of the project is to focus on improving and learning different techniques to work in groups, placing the youth workers in different realities that they will have to face once they start their first jobs. It will be a process of personal, cultural and professional growth and it will be a very positive project for the young people.

Teachers and trainers specialised in the field will teach to participants different techniques so that, when the young people start their first jobs and have to face group activities, they will be able to be professionals.

Among the objectives and competencies that the young people will acquire are:

  • To develop new methods to combat some of the problems encountered today, such as early school failure among young people.
  • Improve participants’ communication and teamwork skills.
  • Increase social activism through new creative tools for self-expression.
  • To foster a sense of European community among young people so that they can share ways of communicating and group work.
  • Improve language skills, as all activities will be conducted in English.
  • Highlight the importance of cooperating in the workplace, using different techniques to enhance entrepreneurship in turn.
  • Use methods such as “LEGO Serious Play” to prove that good teamwork is a very positive thing for the participants.