Democracy ToolKit

Treviso (Italy)

ETV EuroTreviso

Erasmus+ KA153 - Mobility of Youth Workers

13/05/2024 - 17/05/2024

Greece, Italy, Poland, Ukraine

Our association, ETV EuroTreviso, has organised various youth exchange projects about democratic participation and is actively involved in programs to raise awareness of the population about the values of democracy and the EU. In light of this, we perceived the need, like our members and other local partner organisations, to deepen the techniques related to youth participation. Therefore, we considered necessary to structure a project dedicated to youth workers in which the techniques and good practices used in other countries are treated and shared with the aim of harmonising and creating new synergies in the field of non-formal education regarding the participation of young people in democratic life.

Through active participation, young people become part of society’s decision-making mechanisms and tools, promoting their involvement in public affairs. The purpose of associations and public bodies operating in that field is to support the inclusion of young people in these mechanisms and, this support, can only be given by supporting organisations and equipping youth workers with suitable tools and techniques. The project “Democracy Toolkit” aims to give youth workers a series of tools, techniques and experiences that they can take in and then bring back to their associations. Through this project, youth workers will be able to discuss the different experiences related to active participation, improve their techniques and plan joint actions in the field of democratic values and the defence of Human Rights, which are the core of active participation.

The project has the following objectives:

  • share the professional experiences of youth workers through the history of the different projects implemented in each organisation related to the participation of young people in the social and political life of their country, city, neighbourhood;
  • analyse experiences and techniques of non-formal education used in different contexts and projects;
  • together with other youth workers, build dynamics and activities aimed at promoting processes of research and consideration on the theme of rights and democracy by young people;
  • promote techniques useful for the knowledge and direct involvement of young people in the mechanisms of democratic representation;
  • push cooperative learning to develop partnerships between associations working in the field of youth by supporting the ability to work with others on common goals;
  • help to transform social reality and improve the quality of life of young people through the strengthening of the capacities of youth workers and their associations;
  • create tools for the active participation of the community in democratic processes;
  • promote among youth workers and, through their work, transmit to young people the importance of respect for democratic values (dialogue, tolerance, respect) and knowledge of Human Rights;
  • deepen the knowledge of youth workers of EU tools, programmes and strategies related to youth participation;
  • bring the EU closer to its citizens.